Setting the Scene

Whether you are you a teenager who’s just started your first job search, or getting ready to interview for your dream college, you may be feeling nervous. However, the key to a successful experience is preparation. Practicing interviewing, dressing appropriately, and trying to stay calm are keys to acing your interview. Don’t worry about being nervous or stressed. Remember, your interviewer is most likely used to interviewing first-time job seekers. With your first interview under your belt, it will get much easier.

You have labored for hours over your resume, attended multiple job fairs, and even managed to line up some interviews. You’re hopeful. You’re optimistic… You might even be having a panic attack. Fear not! These tips will help you handle those interviews with confidence.


Before the Interview

Practice: First & foremost, mock interviews are the key to acing an interview

Dress the part: Throw on your snazzy new threads

Get there early: Being on time is being 10 mins late

Spend some time studying the background of the business: Know that mission statement by heart

Come with materials: Already emailed your resume? Good, bring a hard copy too

Prepare an elevator pitch: “So, tell me about yourself”… 30 seconds, GO


During the Interview

Practice common courtesy: Break out those manners and use them!

Maintain good posture: Nothing says “I’m lazy” like a slouch

Don’t apologize for lack of experience: Everyone is in the same boat. Instead, point out other merits of your success

Be personable: Half of an interview is just having open communication. The interviewer is seeing if you will be a good fit with the other coworkers as well

Make eye contact: Shows confidence and trustworthiness

Follow up: Send a thank you email. Thank them for their time and the opportunity at hand


Bottom Line

Being a recent grad in the job market can be daunting, especially if you’ve never had to look for a career before. These tips are sure to give you a leg up against the competition.

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