Resume Review

Our experts help you make the right first impression with your resume so you can lock in that first interview.

  • Showcase the best version of yourself as a potential employee
  • Industry-specific resume coaching
  • Feedback within 24 hours

$40.00 per resume
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Professional Interview

Our Professional Interview service allows you to experience a job interview firsthand with a stacked roster of Interview Professionals with years of hiring expertise.

  • Conduct a video interview from the comfort of your own home or dorm at a time that is convenient for you
  • Gain hands-on professional interviewing experience in a low-pressure environment
  • Within 4 hours, you will receive an AcedCard™ that includes a comprehensive breakdown of your strengths, areas of opportunity, and recommendations for improvement

$50.00 /20 min. session w/AcedCard™
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One-On-One Coaching

Our One-On-One Coaching is a stress-free customizable service to help you prepare for a first interview or get feedback on a previous session.

  • Receive live feedback and examples from the comments on your AcedCard™
  • Go into detail about things you did well and things you need to improve upon
  • Ask questions or voice any concerns you may have about an upcoming job interview
  • Practice your answers to interview questions
  • Review writing a cover letter, thank you email, and your 30 second elevator pitch

$60.00 /30 min. session
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Give your favorite grad the perfect gift to ace their upcoming job interview.