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Curveball Interview Questions LinkedIn Curveball Interview Question

When it comes to recruiting and landing a new job, LinkedIn is the place to go. In a recent article, LinkedIn’s head of recruiting, Brendan Browne, gave some insight into his process when interviewing a candidate, regardless of the position. He asks the candidate what they are most passionate about and directs them to explain the process to him on a whiteboard. Of course, this can be an incredibly jarring and intimidating request, especially if you aren’t prepared. However, AMI is here to help you knock LinkedIn’s curveball interview question right out of the park.

As Browne explains, this forces the candidate to be spontaneous, and it gives him a good idea of what they care about, how they can illustrate the subject, and how they think about the process. While you may not come across this tactic on your next interview, it’s a great tactic that you should at least run through in your head.

The thing about this question that makes is so intimidating/useful (depending on which side of the table you are sitting on) is that it is actually evaluating several things at once. First, it’s checking to see whether or not you, as an individual, have any outside interests or passions. Second, it’s also evaluating your ability to clearly explain something to others that may have little to no understanding on the topic. While it’s important to be passionate, the ability to communicate is huge no matter what field you are interested in and demonstrated ability in that department will weigh heavily in your favor.

To learn more about Browne’s interview process and maybe even learn a thing or two for your next interview, check out the full article at Business Insider. It may not be a bad idea to brush up on your drawing skills as well.

This kind of interview question is enough to throw even the most seasoned pros off their game, as most people are typically accustomed to answering the usual questions about themselves and their experiences. When interviewees need to demonstrate their knowledge about something in a high-pressure environment like a job interview, things can quickly fall apart. However, Aced My Interview has got the confidence-building services you need to be able to tackle any curveball interview questions or tasks thrown your way.

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