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Many people in the workforce come into work and count the hours until it’s time to escape. In a change of pace from the usual job interview tips, AMI has some words of advice to help you find happiness in the workplace.

Begin Your Day With a Smile

According to an article on, neurotransmitters called endorphins are released when you smile and are triggered by the movements of your face and its many muscles, which is interpreted by your brain. Your smile generates happiness and positivity, so think of your smile as a way to generate happiness in your work environment. Smiling not only sends signals to your own brain, but it gives others in the workplace a sense of the same feeling.

Do Your Best, No Matter the Task

Some of us are not in the position we want, but it’s incredibly important to understand that in order to grow in a position or get a promotion, you need to do your very best. Whether you are the janitor at a middle school or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, the objective is the same: do everything in your power to accomplish your goals. After setting and achieving those goals, you’ve not only given yourself the opportunity to achieve your next goal (raise, promotion, etc.), but you’ve also produced a result worth highlighting. Here at AMI, we all agree- results speak for themselves. If it’s a spotless hallway floor or a proposal deadline, the focus is exactly the same. Be proud of your work and the results will speak for themselves.

Embrace Your Colleagues and Their Achievements

It’s nice to get recognition for your hard work, but what’s even more rewarding is the reaction your co-workers show when you dish out the praise yourself. Giving credit where credit is due is the first step. If your colleague is doing well, let them know! People in the workplace will generally react in a positive manner, and for those that don’t- keep it moving. You have no time for negativity, so chin up! We wish these people the best, but if you have any people you work with that show a defeatist attitude, you will accomplish very little in your pursuit of happiness.

Happiness is the gift you give yourself. Even if you are still searching for your dream job, it’s possible to find happiness in the workplace if you take a proactive approach toward it.

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