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The job search is tough on everyone, but it can be especially hard on women. Though society has progressed by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, it’s still not easy to be a woman in a man’s world. AMI is here to help with a list of traits shared by powerful women. Whether you need job interview help or just want an extra boost of confidence in the workplace, these are the traits you need to succeed.


traits shared by powerful women
Knowing that you can be afraid of things and still face them is important. Have a strong voice.


Confidence in the work you are doing will lead to better success and better productivity in the workplace.


One must have the ability to know what is right or wrong in the workplace and stand by it.


One should have a clear code of values in the workplace in addition to their own personal moral compass to adhere to.


A woman must know what she wants in her career and know how to use her own specific strengths to achieve success.

A Sense of Humor

It is always good to be funny and personable. It helps make connections, fuels conversations, and builds rapport.


When things get tough in the workplace, it is important to show that you can persevere and come out stronger.


job search
It is important to keep your mind open to other’s ideas and be able to work off of one another.


job interview help
Being innovative and thinking outside the box will allow you to stand out.


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Last but not least, compassion inspires people to make positive changes. Caring creates a smoother workplace that will encourage your colleagues to succeed and help you succeed in turn.

These valuable traits shared by powerful women in the workplace are useful for anyone who is trying to improve themselves but are especially important for women trying to get ahead in the world.

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