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How to interview like a NFL coach

With the NFL playoffs underway, there’s plenty of turmoil for those unlucky teams who couldn’t make it to the postseason. Various teams such as the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos are searching far and wide for the next coach to lead their team back to success. The AMI career experts delved deeper to see what it means to interview like an NFL coach.

Last year, Sports Illustrated gave a little insight into what goes on behind the closed doors of an NFL interview. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions:

  • What will your first meeting with your players be like?
  • How will you relate to millennials and keep your approach fresh?
  • Do you believe coaches or scouts should have final say on personnel evaluations?
  • What is your discipline policy when players get in off-the-field trouble?
  • If a star player doesn’t show up to offseason workouts, how will that affect the team, and how will you respond?
  • What is a time when you faced adversity as a coach, and how did you respond?

While these may seem like football questions on the surface, these are more about the personality of the interviewee and how they handle various issues that may not be exactly pleasant. This is an interview technique that is put into play both on and off the gridiron. When hiring managers ask questions about seemingly irrelevant topics, they are actually trying to assess other parts of your personality that might not be immediately obvious on the job interview. This is especially the case in professions like coaching where conflict resolution skills are a must.

So, how would you fare? Would you be able to handle the hot seat and land a job in the NFL?

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