Valentine's Day Dating in the Workplace Fraternizing Job Search

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the pressure to land a date is mounting. It may be tempting to hook up with the cute co-worker you’ve been eyeing in the next cubicle. Our advice: don’t. Dating in the workplace, or, as HR puts it, fraternizing, is definitely a no-no. Luckily, AMI has your back and will give you advice on how to avoid the frat-trap.

It’s Not Worth the Risk

Working with the opposite sex likely means you’ve agreed to the “keeping your hands to yourself” clause in your employment agreement. When colleagues mix work with pleasure, HR may be watching. Whether there’s a change in the workplace dynamic or worse a harassment lawsuit, being romantically involved can not only hinder your personal progress; it can tank the entire company.

Your Job is Not a Nightclub

Being at your job for hours on hours week after week can get some people a little stir-crazy, but this is not a cue to spice things up with a co-worker. The thought is natural and sometimes unavoidable but should ultimately remain a thought. If and when a relationship creates a possibility for organizational, morale, or performance problems within the company, it reflects poorly on the individuals and management involved. The idea that once seemed exciting can ultimately become a disaster if it results in termination.

Think About It

There are many reasons to dodge the frat-trap. Ending the romance will make your nine to five into a living nightmare, or just plain awkward if it doesn’t work out. Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be seeing an ex-partner. Imagine having to repeat that cycle over and over, while simultaneously attempting to earn a living. Your job should never be perceived as a dismal environment, but fraternizing is a fast-track way to becoming unhappy where you work.

If you’ve read this and still plan on dating in the workplace, read again.  There will always be another Valentine’s Day. The risks certainly outweigh the reward.  Along with everything AMI offers, consider this suggestion if you plan on not only landing your job but keeping your job.


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